The goal of this program is to realize economic empowerment and nutrition outcomes, HOLD Uganda builds the capacity of farmers in best agronomic practices and equally supports them in planting materials. HOLD Uganda has supported Farmers in Kamuli and Buyende with highly productive sweet potato veins such as Narospot one, Naspot 8, Tanzania species which are high yielding for both home consumption and for sell.

With title Economic empowerment if farmers through Agricultural initiatives

Helping farmers build capacity

HOLD Uganda has supported establishment of CATs community agricultural trainers and works with extension workers to support farmers through onsite farm visits, mentorships and farm field schools approach. Under this component HOLD Uganda integrates environment protection and climate smart agricultural. HOLD Uganda has supported young farmers in Buyende to acquire skills in tree nursery bed making and agroforestry and tree planting in the sub-counties of Nkondo and Kidera in Buyende District.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)

HOLD Uganda supports orphans and vulnerable children with scholastic materials such as books, pens, pencils and uniforms and give part of the school fees to the total orphans. HOLD Uganda in addition supports the guardians /caretakers of the OVC with startup capital and business skills to start income generating projects at family level with the aim of sustain the target child in school but also support the child in acquiring life basic necessities.

Orphans being trained with income generating skills

School and Community WASH Project

HOLD Uganda implements WASH activities in schools and communities at household level to improve, promote and have a healthy community. Strong emphasis is put on the best WASH practices such as proper menstrual management, proper dispersal of waste materials among others. HOLD Uganda implements this project with the aim of improving the school learning environment and make it suitable for children especially the girl child and ultimately reduce on the rate of school drop outs.